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Chorale News   
From Debra Orton:   I would LOVE to add my jewelry sales contributions to the Longmont Chorale by offering my Silpada  jewelry website www.mysilpada.com/Debra.Orton to all of the Longmont Chorale members as a place to purchase gifts. I can be contacted at 720-271-8037 for ordering.  I will donate 50 percent of my Silpada sales for Longmont Chorale members, their friends and their family, back to the Longmont Chorale, when they call me and place a Silpada jewelry order by Tuesday, November 10, 2014.   Hope this helps with the Guild contributions! Thank you for your orders. From Karen: Bring your checks for scrip!  (written to: Longmont Chorale) You can order cards for Safeway, King Soopers, in $5 increments, for any amount. You can use the cards for groceries and/or fuel at the pump. The Chorale receives 3% of the total sales, but your card value matches what you pay. Please write the amount you that want for each card (or cards) in the notes portion of your check. News Flash! We now offer scrip for Lucky’s Market. And we get 7%. (Yes, you read that right, 7%!) But... we didn't quite reach the $700 goal for Lucky's orders last Monday; we're $550 short. So, I will accept Lucky's gift cards orders on Monday, Nov. 10th. The Chorale must have a minimum order of $700  to receive 7%.  You may order Lucky's cards in the following amounts: $25, $50, or $100. (Check is still made out to Longmont Chorale) See the Singer Resources page for more details. Questions? Contact Karen at: scrip@longmontchorale.org
From Dale: I need two or three people to assist selling tickets at the door for each concert.  Volunteers should be comfortable handling money and making change.  It's very busy for about 45 minutes and then after the first song everything stops and the ticket sellers can go in to enjoy the music.  Please see me at rehearsals or send an email to: tickets@longmontchorale.org. I will also have the member's tickets (Adult: $7; Student: $5) for sale.  Please try to pay by check to help me with my record-keeping.  These tickets are for your family members living in your household.  They will not be available at the concert.  Please purchase them in advance.