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Chorale News   
From Scott: Upcoming rehearsals: This Monday, September 22 - 7-9:30 pm (We agreed at rehearsal this last Monday to go the extra 1/2 hour and to cancel the Monday rehearsal on September 29.) Next Sunday, September 28 - 2:00-5:00 pm in Denver (maps on Website)  Thanks to Lori King for organizing our carpooling and dinner plans. Be sure to sign up on the list Monday night. We need to leave no later than 12:30 pm, so please be prompt. Monday, October 6 - 7-9:30 pm (our last Monday rehearsal for this concert) Friday, October 10 - Dress Rehearsal - Chorale Singers at 6 pm, full Chorale at 7 pm at LifeBridge Christian Church (no Hebrew Chorale, as their Sabbath has begun) Sunday, October 12 - Concert #1 at 4:00 pm, Call time - 1:00 pm (to have a final rehearsal with the Colorado Hebrew Chorale). This call time is very important as it is an hour earlier than usual, with the concert beginning an hour later than usual. We may need this earlier call time for a final rehearsal on all of our combined pieces before the concert at 4:00 pm. ******PLEASE STAY TUNED, AS WE MAY ADJUST THIS CALL TIME TO 1:30 OR 2:00 pm AT THE DISCRETION OF THE COLORADO HEBREW CHORALE. Monday, October 13 - Concert #2 at 7:30 pm in Denver (map on website) We will have another carpool list at our final Monday and Friday rehearsals. From Kathy: I need assistance from a few people to run our table at Boomers & Beyond on Wednesday, Sept 24th, at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. We have gained MANY audience members from this event so it is important that we have a presence. We can get by with one person per hour, but if you want to do it with someone, that's fine. Boomers & Beyond is giving us a free ($225 value) table in exchange for a performance by the Heartland Quartet during the event from 2:30-3:45pm. Feel free to stop by and listen. I need to fill the following slots at our table: 3:00-4:00pm 4:00-5:00pm 5:00-6:00pm Thank you so much for your assistance. Send me a note to sign up for a slot: Kathy guild@longmontchorale.org.
From Karen: On Mon. Sept. 22 I'll be accepting checks (written to the Longmont Chorale) for grocery scrips-aka gift cards. You can order cards for Safeway and/or King Soopers in $5 increments for any amount. You can use the cards for groceries and/or gasoline.  The Chorale receives 3% of the total sales, but your card value matches what you paid. Please write the amount you that want for each card (or cards) in the notes portion of your check. My next attempt at ordering Lucky's gift cards will be on Oct. 6 (delivery Oct. 13). The Chorale must have a minimum order total of $700  to utilize their gift card program. The Chorale will receive 7% right off the top.  You may order Lucky's cards in the following amounts: $25, $50, or $100. (Check is still made out to Longmont Chorale) Questions? Contact Karen at: scrip@longmontchorale.org
From Dale: I need two or three people to assist selling tickets at the door for this concert.  Volunteers should be comfortable handling money and making change.  It's very busy for about 45 minutes and then after the first song everything stops and the ticket sellers can go listen to the music.  Please email or see me at rehearsal tomorrow. I will also have the member's tickets ($7 each) for sale Monday night.  Please try to pay by check to help me with my record-keeping.  These tickets are for your family members living in your household.  They will not be available at the concert since it's really difficult to explain to a full-charge patron why the person in front of them only paid $7 for a ticket that they will pay $14 to get.  I have plenty so start now and avoid the rush. From Judith: Here are posters for the October concert. Please print and distribute as many as you wish.
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