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Be a part of one of the western United States' longest-running community choirs!

Your Next Opportunity to Join is:

Fall, 2020 – please watch this page for an exact date.

*Rehearsal details are below.


Sneak Peak of the Major Work to be Performed in March:

Dan Forrest’s Requiem for the Living

Optional: Order Your Own Score

We have 120 copies of the Requiem for the Living score available for member use.  However, if you prefer to order your own copy, please click the button below to find it on Sheet Music Plus:

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Sing With Us!

We are an adult and student choral group in the Longmont, Colorado area.  If you are interested in singing with us or just want more information about our performances, please send a request to us using the form at the bottom of the page, and you will receive an informative email.

We are a non-auditioned group.  Each prospective member need only sing a few simple pitch matching exercises, which is done privately with our Artistic Director.  We welcome your voice and hope you will join us!

Join a rehearsal, sing, and meet our Chorale members.  We encourage student participation (high school and up) as well.  Our student singers pay no dues!

For specific details on place, dates, and times of rehearsals, see our rehearsals & schedules information below.  Other important membership information is  below for you, too.

Thank you for your interest. I’ll see you at rehearsal!

-Bob Balsman, President

Rehearsals and Schedules

Faith Community Lutheran Church

Faith Community Lutheran Church, Longmont

Please come early the first night, as we will be handing out music and getting acquainted.

After the Christmas holiday, rehearsals resume the first Monday after New Year’s day, unless that day is an observed holiday.

Regular Rehearsals: every Monday night leading up to a performance (except holidays).  There is one last regular rehearsal on the Friday night before the concert.

Time:  7:00 pm (full chorale), 6:00 pm (Chorale Singers ensemble only)

Venue for our rehearsals: Faith Community Church, 9775 Ute Hwy 66, Longmont

Dues: $55/concert or $180/season (includes music). Newcomers are welcome to visit at no charge before dues are expected to be paid by our third rehearsal. Students are exempt from paying dues.  (NOTE: There are no dues for the summer patriotic concerts.)

Dress Rehearsals: All dress rehearsals are at LifeBridge Church unless notified otherwise.  Dress rehearsals are held the Monday before the concert, again unless otherwise stated.

Important Membership Information

  • We are a non-auditioned group, and all are welcome. Our only request of newcomers is to do a few simple pitch matching exercises, sung privately for the Director.
  • Come a bit early on the first night of rehearsal for each new concert cycle to allow extra time for new music distribution and seating.
  • Rehearsal times and dates are shown in the Chorale Information Sheet, which will be handed out with the music, providing important information about all aspects of Chorale rehearsals and performances. The information is also contained in those notes.
  • During rehearsals there is a short break in the middle or individual breaks as needed.
  • Seating may be assigned by the Director for proper balance of the voices. Once your location has been assigned, you will be expected to be in that same location, promptly at the start of rehearsals.
  • Singers are expected to participate in all rehearsals.  Exceptions of more than 2 absences per concert cycle will require notification to, and acceptance by, the Attendance Committee.
  • In order to sing at the concert, singers must attend at least one of the first two rehearsals of each concert cycle.  Singers must also attend dress rehearsal in order to sing at the concert.
  • Please bring a pencil/eraser. No ink or marker is allowed on any of the music owned by the Chorale or on loan from other groups.  Please do not hole punch or staple any music which is on loan from other groups.  Our Librarian can answer any questions you may have in regards to what can or cannot be done with sheet music.
  • If desired, bring a personal container of water – please, no other liquids that may stain the furnishings of our rehearsal venue.
  • Please be mindful and respectful of the church venues used for our rehearsals and performances, as parishioners and others may be present.
  • Temporary cardboard music folders are provided to contain all music during regular rehearsals.
  • Some music can be purchased if you desire to own your own copy, but the Chorale generally retains all music for its library.
  • Black performance folders are used during the concerts.  They can be purchased at if you desire this style, and we encourage it. A discount rate for performance folders may be available with a group purchase at the beginning of the season.
  • For continuity, singers are encouraged to participate in all concerts of the entire season, but this is not strictly mandatory.  If you cannot sing all performances of a singular concert (if there are multiple performances for that concert), it will require notification to, and acceptance by, the Attendance Committee.

Your voice is important to the total sound, so please be as diligent as possible. We love to hear you sing!

Tour With Us!


The Longmont Chorale is excitedly looking forward to our choir tour in June of 2020. We will begin in Helsinki, Finland, then travel to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, Riga, the capital of Latvia, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and end in Warsaw, Poland.

June of 2020 is a significant anniversary, as we remember that 75 years ago World War II ended and the concentration camps were liberated. We will be in the regions of so much history!

We plan on visiting and singing in the three Baltic countries that came to independence through the Singing Revolution of 1987-1991. These mass gatherings centered on the performance of nationalistic folk songs, and helped pave the way for all three to leave the Soviet Union. They know the power of choral music in these countries and strongly support visiting choirs!

And we all know what happened in Warsaw, and other locations in Eastern Europe. This will definitely be an emotional and moving location for the conclusion of our tour.

This tour is open to singers from the Longmont Chorale, as well as the following singers and non-singers:

  • Spouses and significant others
  • College-aged and older children or grandchildren, nephews, or nieces; high-school-aged in these same family relationships may be admitted by special exception, based on maturity level
  • Friends
  • Singers from other locations (learning their music independently, then joining us on the tour)

You’ll receive a downloadable brochure when you click on the ‘Tour Brochure’ button under the photos. Please notice the proposed itinerary (it may change slightly) and the cost for the tour. It is based on 45 paying tour members, but will probably be reduced slightly if additional numbers go.

Scott Hamlin, Artistic Director

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