“Esta noche” is Spanish for “this night.” An internet search of the Spanish phrase revealed that, musically, there are at least two songs by this name. One is a love song, and the other is a traditional Spanish Christmas carol of unknown origin, sometimes translated as “on that night.” It is this latter work which the Longmont Chorale presents in its 2019 Christmas concert. Versions of this joyful carol with a dance-like spirit are enjoyed in Spain and in many countries of the Americas. The carol speaks of a baby boy, born in a stable and laid in a manger when he should be swathed in velvet – for the angels are bringing joyous news of the birth of a king. This carol encourages us to be joyous and have pleasure in this event – i.e., “alegria y placer.”

Mr. Tom Cunningham, a Scottish composer, arranged the version of “Esta Noche” sung by the Longmont Chorale this year. Many notable instrumental and choral groups have performed Mr. Cunningham’s compositions. These include the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Chorus, and Cappella Nova. For nearly two decades he was Musical Director of the Brussels Choral Society and Guest Conductor of the Flemish Radio Choir. He has since returned to Scotland and completed several commissions and other compositions, including an opera, “The Okavango Macbeth,” which premiered in Botswana.


The Longmont Chorale is a nonprofit Longmont choral group, an SATB choir which performs four subscription concerts in Longmont each season in addition to other performances by our auditioned group, Viva Voce.

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