The Longmont Chorale is proud to join the Longmont Performing Arts Initiative in announcing our support for Longmont Ballot Question 3D, which would pave the way for building a long sought after new performing arts center in Longmont. Ballot Question 3D would allow the City of Longmont to rent city owned land for up to 30 years to a coalition of performing arts groups, including the Longmont Chorale.

The performing arts center would be a boon for the arts in Longmont, and draw visitors from neighboring cities to enjoy great performances from the Longmont Chorale as well as other local performing artists, regionally known performers, and nationally touring performers. These visitors would also patronize local businesses, creating jobs and tax revenue for the city.

For more information about Ballot Question 3D, we encourage supporters to visit Questions about the Longmont Chorale’s support for 3D should be sent via the form on our Contact page.

Vote YES! on Longmont Ballot Question 3D with our gratitude for your support!


The Longmont Chorale is a nonprofit Longmont choral group, an SATB choir which performs four subscription concerts in Longmont each season in addition to other performances by our auditioned group, Viva Voce.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Longmont Chorale can endorse nonpartisan issues which are related to our cause and do not endorse a particular candidate for office.

Longmont Ballot Question 3D is related to our mission by making financing easier for a new performing arts center in Longmont, from which all of our organization and our community would greatly benefit. More affordable financing for the facility makes for more affordable venue fees for performances, which in turn means lower ticket prices for the audience.

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