Music enthusiasts and aficionados alike are in for a treat as the much-anticipated Rhapsody in Jazz! concert approaches, scheduled for Sunday, October 22nd, 2023, at 3:00 pm at the Longmont High School Auditorium – 1040 Sunset St in Longmont.

This extraordinary event promises an enchanting experience which seamlessly blends classical mass tradition with jazz, leaving audiences captivated and inspired. Anchored by the mesmerizing composition “A Little Jazz Mass,” performed by the vocally talented Longmont Chorale, and accompanied by a dynamic jazz trio, the concert promises a delightful afternoon that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation.

The spotlight of the afternoon falls on “A Little Jazz Mass,” a musical masterpiece which skillfully marries the Latin mass tradition with the vivacious rhythms of jazz. Composer Bob Chilcott draws from his experience collaborating with jazz luminaries, such as George Shearing and Richard Rodney Bennett.

Dr. John Bawden aptly describes the composition’s success in harmonizing these seemingly disparate traditions, highlighting Chilcott’s prowess in achieving a seamless and expressive blend. This groundbreaking achievement sets the tone for a performance that promises to be nothing short of magical.

The Chorale takes center stage to embrace the challenge of infusing this unique musical expression with their own vocal talents. The fusion of classical traditions and jazz music presents a captivating juxtaposition, offering audiences the chance to revel in the sheer diversity of musical sounds and emotions.

While “A Little Jazz Mass” takes center stage, the concert promises even more musical delights. The Chorale will showcase an array of traditional and contemporary jazz gems which complement the innovative spirit of the event. This blend of old and new showcases the Chorale’s versatility and their dedication to embracing musical innovation while staying rooted in the essence of jazz traditions.

The upcoming Rhapsody in Jazz concert is a musical event which promises to be a highlight of the year for music lovers. With the Chorale’s vocal talent, the accompaniment of a dynamic jazz trio, and the groundbreaking composition “A Little Jazz Mass,” audiences are in for an afternoon that celebrates the art of fusion, the vibrant energy of jazz, and the thrill of musical innovation.

On Sunday, October 22nd, 2023, at 3:00 pm, the concert hall will resonate with rich music which seamlessly bridges the worlds of classical and jazz, presents the traditional and contemporary, and creates an unforgettable experience for all fortunate enough to attend.

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